FIFA President Gianni Infantino Sparks Outrage By Taking Selfies Beside Pelé’s Open Casket

FIFA President Gianni Infantino takes selfie near Pele's open casket via PA

Is nothing sacred? Gianni Infantino’s decision to pose for selfies within feet of the late Pele’s open casket has brought even more scorn on the much derided FIFA President.

Infantino’s vapid behaviour is far from unusual, after all, it was not a vintage World Cup for the Swiss official in Qatar.

It began with his “I feel a migrant worker” speech, which was a bold claim considering what is widely reported about their apparent mistreatment in the Middle Eastern country.

It then ended with the ridiculous Salt Bae inexplicably playing a greater role in Argentina’s celebrations than many members of Lo Albiceleste’s squad.

Infantino, in the face of stinging criticism logged onto Instagram and bravely unfollowed the very odd Salt Bae just two days prior to Christmas.

Infantino has also urged a worldwide network of stadiums to be named after the late, great Pele. The Brazilian icon’s funeral today will be sombre and respectful, mindful of his legacy towards the beautiful game, but surely even he and his family will be somewhat boggled by Infantino’s stadium naming request of its global membership.

It’s not likely to be taken seriously in Argentina, the newly crowned world champions and Brazil’s neighbours who regularly boast in song that ”Maradona is greater than Pele.”

Before announcing his stadium scheme, the FIFA chief issued a bland tribute to football’s most lauded ever player by saying “I had the great privilege of meeting Pelé on several occasions – an incredible human being with a big heart.”

His much-repeated mission statement to make football truly global are as trite as We Are The World, Michael Jackson’s incorrect answer to Band Aid.

Football unites the world,” is the name for one of the inane campaigns Fifa promoted via armbands in Qatar.