Find Out Why Paul Weller Hated Filming The Band Aid Video


Singer Paul Weller has recalled the “horrible” experience of filming the music video for Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” in 1984. Weller claimed that “everyone was doing blow in the toilets”.

Weller featured in the video alongside household names like, Bono, Phil Collins and George Michael. The track was put together by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure.

The video contains footage of the featured artists recording their parts for the song at Sarm West Studios in Notting Hill, London.

It may be a few months out, but you can check out the video below!

Weller’s “horrible” experience

“(The video shoot) was horrible”, Weller said during a recent Q&A Session. “Everyone was getting off doing blow in the toilets”.

“It probably would have been all right for me in the ’90s but I wasn’t into all that then”, Weller added. “I was totally out of my comfort zone”.

Recently, Paul Weller said that he still gets very nervous in the hour or two leading up to a show. He also added that it was weird adapting to going out on stage without taking a drink.

“It’s almost a weird thing because, just prior to going on stage, especially in the hour before, I’m in bits”, the former Jam frontman said.

“I’m so nervous and so don’t want to be there and want to go home, and then within minutes of actually being on stage, as soon as that first tune strikes up, I automatically feel as though this is completely where I’m supposed to be”, he continued.

“When I finally stopped drinking it took me at least two years to get used to that feeling of going on stage totally sober and straight”, Weller added.

“But it took a good two years to get comfortable, as it was really odd at first”, he continued.  “I’d be on stage and I’d notice so much, like there’s a guy in the front row who’s wearing a green shirt or something, and now I don’t feel that at all”. 

“I have a cup of tea these days. In the past, I would have got off my nut, but I don’t anymore”. 

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The singer also recently achieved his sixth UK Number with his latest album Fat Pop (Volume One).

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