First Round CAO Offers For Prospective Students


Science, technology and engineering college courses have all seen a rise in CAO points. Students have been getting first round offers today.

The phones have been ringing off the hook this afternoon at the Leaving Cert helpline.

Over 51,000 people have gotten offers in the first round of the CAO. More than half got their first choice.

Over 74 thousand CAO first round offers are out and show journalism and social science courses are less popular.

Students can log on to its website and check what course they’ve got – over half got their first choice.

This year, points have gone up for science, technology and engineering courses. There’s also been more demand in areas like arts, humanities and nursing.

One course – economics and finance at UCD – has hit the 600 point mark for the first time in CAO history.

For many, the focus is now on finding somewhere to stay when they go to college.Students don’t have to accept their first round offer until next Friday.

There’ll also be more rounds when the points for some courses could change.