Five Accused Of Killing Private Sean Rooney

Óglaigh na hÉireann - Private Séan Rooney

A military tribunal in Lebanon has formally accused five members of Hezbollah with the killing of Private Seán Rooney.

The Irish peacekeeper was killed in southern Lebanon in December of last year.

The military court judge in Lebanon has accused the five people of conducting a criminal act that led to Private Rooney’s killing and to the attempted murder of three of his colleagues.

Private Rooneys armoured vehicle came under attack in Southern Lebanon on the 14th of December last year.

One of the accused five is already being detained, while four others are still at large. However all have been referred to the military court for trial.

Seven people including the accused five were already accused by Lebanon’s judiciary in January but this new accusation identifies them as members of Hezbollah.