FLYNN Drops New Single ‘My Gold’ Today

FLYNN Drops New Single

FLYNN has released his brand new new single, ‘My Gold’ today.

The lyrics provide a very personal view into FLYNN’s world who explains the meaning behind the song, “My Gold is about losing someone that means the world to you, someone as valuable as gold. The song is about a break up that I went through. I could have done more at the time to hold onto the person but I let my work life get in the way and let her slip away, and now I live with the what if’s and the regret of not doing more to make it work.”

Listen to ‘My Gold’ here.

‘My Gold’ follows on from the epic, ‘Red Light’ and ‘Peace of Mind’ both of which were released this year and have impressively amassed over four million streams combined.

‘My Gold’, the new single by FLYNN, is available on all streaming platforms on November 16th.