Foals Describe Nick Cave As “Major Influence” On New Album


Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis has stated that the follow up to 2013’s Holy Fire is”heavier, poppier and weirder” and has cited Nick Cave as a major influence on his lyrics. Yannis also talked about the band pushing the boundaries and describing that they want to make the album “so that the extremes are further apart”.

In an interview with Q magazine he said that they wanted to do even more than they did on their last album. This time it’s about having a better mix on the album “The heavier songs are heavier, the poppier songs are poppier and weirder.” Guitarist Jimmy Smith talked about their crazy time in France, where they drank wine all day “We drank about 130 bottles of this red wine called Ardèche, I don’t think there was a point where we weren’t all drunk”.

As of now the album is currently untitled and in terms of the location, last year they said they wanted to record closer to home. They cited the time they recorded Total Life Forever In Sweden as a “ludacrious” idea. The band were saying that they would like to go back to Oxford where they’re from , but as of now the location is still undetermined.

They’re currently working on material at the moment in their own studio, so hopefully we will get an update on when the reocrding process will start soon.

Photo Credit: Nicole Kilbert