Foals Frontman Speaks About The Band’s Future


Foals frontman Yannis Phillippakis has spoke about the future of the band recently. He suggested that the band wont go on forever and that it has to end some time.

Speaking to Time Magazine before the band’s huge headline show at the Wembley Arena, Yannis spoke about what the future holds for the quintet.

The Foals man said “I don’t think it’ll go on forever. I don’t think it can. I’m not thinking about it right now because we all just get on really well and we’re having a blast. But it’s already been going on far longer than I expected it to.”

Speaking about the Wembley gig he said “It’s going to be a landmark for us. We’ve been playing bigger and bigger venues and this is just the next step. When you play a show there, it’s something that can’t be taken away from you.”

He continued by talking about the changes in the faces he sees in the crowd “It’s just got a lot broader.” He also said “In the early days, the crowds were very young, very hip. And now there are 65-year olds at the shows. I like the fact that we can write songs that appeal to different types of people. I’m not really interested in just writing for the kids that shop at Urban Outfitters.”

Photo Credit: smokeghost