Foo Fighters Detail Plans For Future Albums


Foo Fighters have recently said they want their future albums to have some sort of “theme or concept” to them. The band’s last album was Sonic Highways back in 2014 , which saw them recording each track on the album in a different US city, using various famous studios in the process.

The band recently stated that they are thinking of doing a follow up to it, potentially choosing to record around Europe this time. Grohl said “It’s not set in stone. It’s definitely about challenging the artist with the environment. It’s a good idea, but we’ll see what happens.”

Drummer Taylor Hawkins talked about their next album, saying they definitely wanted to “have some sort of concept around it”. Hawkins described how things have changed when making an album “It’s not enough to just make a f**king record any more,”

Hawkins also described what it used to be like “You’d make an album, make three videos. If they were good, MTV would play them, and you’d sell some records. Now, you need to do something else with it.”

Hawkins stated that Dave always seems to have some sort of vision for their albums “Dave wants the albums to have some other kind of theme or experience linked to them. He wants every record we make from now on to have this , whether it’s something as large as ‘Sonic Highways’ or as simple as, ‘Hey, let’s record ‘Wasting Light’ to tape in my garage’.”

Photo Credit:Ben Houdijk