Foo Fighters Gig At The Roxy This Saturday And We Can All Go

Foo Fighters Gig At The Roxy This Saturday And We Can All Go
Foo Fighter live at The Roxy...what's not to like?

This Saturday, November 14th, we can all get down with the Foo Fighters at their nostalgic gig at The Roxy on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. A Foo Fighters live show and live stream should perk us all up a bit. The band’s new single ‘Shame Shame’ is out and looking for promotion. Dave Grohl describes the video for the single as being “darker than anything we’ve ever done”. The band decided to return to their roots, cheer themselves up and play at one of their favourite venues.

Tickets are only $15 with a two-day playback facility. A portion of the cover charge goes to the charity Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. The charity gives financial aid to musicians and music industry workers who are struggling financially due to illness, age or disability.

Dave Grohl told the NME about the genesis of the idea for the video for ‘Shame Shame’. It all came from a dream he had as a teenager. “I was standing at the bottom of this hill and there was this coffin on fire next to this dead tree and I ran up the hill to rescue whoever was in this coffin, but I couldn’t get my hands on it because it was on fire! I stood there filled with anxiety and fear, but I’ve remembered it my entire f**king life and never knew what it meant.”

The band’s latest album, ‘Medicine at Midnight’ is out on February 5th and is available for preorder from the band’s website.

The Roxy gig will feature a special beer cam. Coors Light is sponsoring the gig and Grohl will have a special camera attached to his own can of Coors Light. The ‘Can Cam’ will give fans access backstage and give them a unique view onstage.

Tickets for what’s going to be a deadly gig are available here