Foo Fighters To Mark 25th Anniversary In Special Way


Foo Fighters have teamed up with Vans to release their own pair of shoes, to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

The Vans x Foo Fighters Sk8-Hi will see the band putting their own spin on the classic hi-top design. Their iconic logo will be printed in white on top of the shoe. The logo will also printed on the back. The really clever touch is that they have put Foo on the left shoe, and Fighters on the right shoe.

Foo Fighters’ recent update:

The band annouced this news on their Official Instagram account.

Following the post, one fan commented, “Love Foo Fighters, Love Vans. You’re really playing with my bank account here”.

Another fan also wrote, “Need it in my life”. 

A release date for the shoes has yet to be announced.

Foo Fighters are also preparing to release a tenth album “Medicine at Midnight”. This album is due to be released on February 5. It includes the singles, “Shame Shame” and “No Son of Mine”.

“Can I be on your album please?”

The eldest daughter of Foo Fighters front man, Dave Grohl, is already showing signs like being a chip off the old block. Dave said recently that he is impressed by the way she thinks about music. Adding she was born with a “soulful voice” and “perfect pitch”. 

Grohl said, “I asked her the other day, ‘If you were to make a record, how do you imagine it would sound?’ And she said, ‘You know, I think somewhere within that shoegaze thing. Oh, and Dad, I need to get this new guitar pedal. It’s called Loveless, and I want my guitar to sound like My Bloody Valentine”.

Grohl added, “I was, like, ‘Yes. Yesss!”. 

He also admitted asking his daughter Violet, “Can I be on your record, please?’”

Father of three, Grohl has high hopes for Violet as a musician. He said,  “She’s 14 and already in a deep Bowie phase. I’m not talking about Eighties Bowie or Nineties Bowie — she hasn’t even got to Berlin. All she does is listen to live bootlegs of the ‘Station to Station’ tour”.

He also said, “She was born with perfect pitch and a soulful voice and a musical memory that is photographic. She has all the tools she needs. She writes, I see her notebooks and the lyrics she’s written”.

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl also mentioned the music that Violet would be playing in her bedroom. “I’ll hear Cocteau Twins coming out of her bedroom. And the Passions. Remember them? “I’m in Love with a German Film Star”.

Watch Dave Grohl Duet With His Daughter Violet!