Foo Fighters Troll Westboro Baptists Church


The radical Westboro Baptist Church are known for cursing everything and everyone under the sun, all in the “name of God”. At one of their protest rallies, Foo Fighters took it upon themselves to troll some of the members.

Last Friday (August 21st) at a protest in Kansas City, Missouri, Foo Fighters rode along in a pick up truck blaring Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. Taylor Hawkins held up a sign which said “You’ve been Rick Rolled” referring to the You Tube phenomenon  .

Droves of people gathered around the truck and joined in with the Foos who seem to enjoy protesting against the Westboro Baptist Church. Foo Fighters previously dressed up as a bunch of hillbillies and played a song called ‘Keep It Clean’ to poke fun at the them.

It’s great to see someone standing up to them and Foo Fighters clearly know how to stick it to them but in a playful way. You can check out the epic video of them Rick Rolling the protesters down below.


Photo Credit: Ben Houdijk