Footballer Blasts Leinster GAA For Lack Of Consideration

Craig Rogers

The Leinster GAA Senior Club Football Championship Final was due to be held in O’Moore Park, Portlaoise over the weekend.

However, due to our current cold snap the game was called off on Sunday morning as the pitch was a blanket of snow.

But not everyone was happy with the manner in which the game was approached.

Former Laois footballer, Craig Rogers vented his frustration at the competitions controlling body over their lack of ‘consideration’ for players and supporters.

Rogers was stunned there wasn’t more planning in place for the game, wondering why Leinster GAA had not an alternative venue in mind considering the weather warnings issued for the county in the days leading up to the final.

“Hard believe Leinster GAA didn’t have an alternative club final venue in place particularly this weekend when Laois has an orange weather warning since Friday!”

“Biggest game in some club players career and it’s thrown back a week, no consideration for life, plans, Christmas etc.”

The Portlaoise footballer, whose team was knocked out of the competition by finalists, Moorefield, went on to explain his stance:

“Nearly all of Leinster was on orange warning, alternative venue maybe wasn’t viable but be proactive and postpone the game Friday or early Saturday at latest.”

“Explain it’s not viable to hold it and people would understand. Morning of game is a disgrace to all.”

The comments sparked much debate online with many commenting that safety for travelling parties was paramount also.

However – the main point is that the game could have been called off at earlier notice due to the severity of weather warnings… do you agree with the comments?

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Feature Image: Twitter