Foreigner Wants To Know What Zoom Is


Netflix viewers have got to see Foreigner premiere a new version of one of their classics.

As part of the promotion for the new rom-com, The Lovebirds, the band re-recorded “I Want To Know What Love Is.”

In the clip, the veteran rockers performed the 1984 power ballad via Zoom.

Out of 16 Top 40 hits, “I Want To Know What Love Is” was Foreigner’s only song top the Billboard Top 40.

Before the pandemic, Foreigner was scheduled for a 40-Date Summer tour with Kansas and Europe

Starring Kumail Nanjiani The Lovebirds tells the story of a couple’s defining moment in their relationship when they are unintentionally embroiled in a murder mystery. As their journey to clear their names takes them from one extreme – and hilarious – circumstance to the next, they must figure out how they, and their relationship, can survive the night.