Former C.M.O. Dr. Tony Holohan Launches Pack For End Of Life Planning

Dr Tony Holohan, Adjunct Professor of Public Health at UCD and Board Member of Irish Hospice Foundation and Jean Callanan, Chair of Irish Hospice Foundation, pictured at the launch of “Think Ahead” Advance Care Planning tool held in the Royal College of Physicians, Dublin. Pic. Robbie Reynolds

The former Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holohan has helped today to launch The Irish Hospice Foundation’s ‘Think Ahead Planning Pack‘, a comprehensive advance care planning toolkit for all.

Its a comprehensive guide for patients, their families, and caregivers to start putting their affairs in order for their end-of-life.

With Think Ahead, people can make their care wishes known, appoint somebody to act as their healthcare advocate, keep track of important documents, and more. 

Speaking at the launch, in his role as a newly appointed IHF board member, Dr Tony Holohan said “I am delighted to be involved in supporting such an important initiative with IHF. Starting a conversation about end-of-life care and dying isn’t always easy but it’s so important for us all to make our wishes known on both our health care and personal affairs. It means there’s no ambiguity for families and loved ones, our wishes are met and there’s great comfort in that for all involved.”

In the 10 years since Think Ahead was initially launched, it has become a key advance care planning resource for people in Ireland.  Over 100,000 people have already received a version of Think Ahead through their GP, at events, or by ordering from IHF. 

This Autumn, IHF is taking Think Ahead on roadshows around Ireland where people can learn how to use Think Ahead packs and start conversations with their loved ones. Valerie Smith, IHF’s Public Engagement Lead knows talking about dying can be hard, “but talking about it can make dying and death less fear-filled, and a better experience for everyone.” 

Visit to order or download your form and for more information. 

The IHF Think Ahead Hub has lots more information and resources.

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