Four Times More AirBnB Rooms Available Than Long-Term Lets

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There’s four times more houses and apartments available on Airbnb than there are long-term lettings on in Dublin.

Analytical data from Inside Airbnb revealed that there were 2,840 short-term lets available.

There were just 680 lets were available in the long-term. The capital is the highest sought-after county when it comes to rent.

Meanwhile nationally those figures are even more stark with eight times the number of family homes on Airbnb compared with the long term rental market.

The analysis of Airbnb showed there were more than 8,100 full properties – suitable for families – around the country.

There are many areas in Dublin classed as rent pressure zones.

In such zones, a person can only let out their house or apartment for a maximum of 90 days a year.

Housing expert Professor Rory Hearne of Maynooth University says the lucrative Airbnb market is taking homes from people that need long-term rent.

It is contributing significantly to the housing crisis,“ said Hearne.

The use of homes as short-term tourist lets is a major problem. Across the country, people tell us landlords are evicting and then use the property as short-term Airbnbs.”