Fran Healy Doesn’t Expect New Travis Album To Top The Charts


Fran Healy as admitted that he does not expect Travis’ next album to top the charts.

The band’s frontman feels that the album ‘L.A Times’, is unlikely to beat Taylor Swift’s ‘The Tortured Poet’s Department’. 

Back in May, Travis also released the single ‘Raze The Bar’ which includes contributions from The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin, and also features on this new album.

The song itself also bemoans the closure of New York’s much loved establishment, The Black and White Bar.

Check it out and Nova’s report here.

“absolutely no chance” 

In a recent interview, Fran Healy revealed that ‘L.A Times’ is Travis’ most personal album since their breakthrough record ‘The Man Who’ in 1999.

He said: “‘L.A . Times’ is our most personal album since ‘The Man Who’. There was a lot of big stuff to write about back then, the tectonic plates had shifted in my life. I was 22 when I was writing those songs. They were my therapy. Over 20 years later and the plates have shifted again. There’s a lot to talk about”. 

However, Fran Healy does not hold out much hope for this album in the charts.

“Usually when bands are 50 years old, albums get s***”, he said. “This is not a s*** record. It is a really, really great record, but there is absolutely no chance we are going to knock Taylor Swift off No1, is there? Not unless you all help us”. 

The musician also joked: “Can you buy it? Does anyone actually buy records anymore?”. 


Elsewhere, Fran Healy also spoke about the meaning behind another single from the album ‘Gaslight’. 

“I read a few weeks ago that gaslighting was the most web searched word in the world. We are living in a time where our realities are being warped by bosses, leaders, friends, teachers and politicians. It really is everywhere”, he said.

“Gaslighters want to control you. They tell you things which undermine your confidence in yourself and make you question reality and it makes you feel like you’re going crazy”. 

Back in May, Fran Healy also said that he feared Noel Gallagher was going to punch him for stealing chords from Oasis track ‘Wonderwall’ for Travis’ ‘Writing To Reach You’. More on this here.