Francis Rossi Hints Status Quo May Not Continue Following Tour


Francis Rossi has hinted that Status Quo will not play again at the end of their ongoing tour.

Status Quo are to perform across Europe and the UK in the coming months, finishing in Vivary Park in Taunton, Somerset on August 23.

The ‘Rockin All Over The World’ rockers were founded in 1962, and are among the most successful rock bands off all time.

The list of remaining tour dates for Status Quo’s tour can be found here. Tickets are also available via this link.

“Can’t see us doing it one more time”

Speaking to the Mirror, Francis Rossi has conceded that this could be it for the band following the conclusion of this tour.

“I don’t think we will go again,” he revealed. “And as far as the rest of the band are concerned it’s the last tour too. I just can’t see us doing it one more time”.

Rossi also explained why he played down the potential end for the band.

“I didn’t want to put this current tour out, saying it’s the last one ever. I did it once and was then coerced into coming back, but that’s another whole other f****** story”, he said.

The musician continued: “Who knows they might offer a huge amount of money to do the Quo again but I don’t think so”. 

“I am hesitant to call it the last ever but I just can’t see it continuing to be honest”. 

In September 2021, Status Quo founding member Alan Lancaster a former bandmate of Rossi’s, passed away aged 72 after suffering with Multiple Scelrosis. More on this here.