Future Of Brexit Will Be Decided Today


The future of Brexit will be decided in the House of Commons this afternoon.

MPs will vote on the revised withdrawal agreement negotiated by the EU and Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson and the EU have a Brexit deal, but this afternoon we’ll find out if it’s worth the paper it’s written on.

MPs will vote on whether or not to approve it, having voted down Theresa May’s deal three times.

The numbers are tight – but with the support of enough Labour rebels, and by keeping his own MPs onside, Boris Johnson may be able to manage it even without the support of the DUP.

But a number of amendments are going to be tabled to the bill going through parliament.

One will look for the deal to be put back to the British people in a referendum

Another will try to force Boris Johnson to seek an extension if he can’t get the deal fully passed by October 31st

Many MPs are seeking assurances that no-deal can be avoided in all circumstances.

They’re calling it Super Saturday in the UK – the first time the Commons has met at the weekend since 1982.

And that’s where the future of Brexit will be decided this afternoon