Gang Attacks Young Teen, Resulting In Brain Scan

Gang Attack In Park
"Park" by sudeepuk

A vicious girl-led masked gang attacked a Dublin teen while he was playing with friends at St. Anne’s Park in October.

It is claimed that one girl and ten males attacked the 16-year-old, who had to have a brain scan.

His relative said: “My nephew was beaten to a pulp in St. Anne’s Park and had his electric bike stolen. He was then rushed to the Mater Hospital where he was treated for his injuries“.

She claims gangs are coming in “from a certain area” and are targeting the park and the surrounding Raheny and Clontarf areas for bikes.

“A 14 year old had his jaw broken last week for the same reason“.

The boy’s aunt was shocked at the size of these “attackers”.

These were big men, the poor lad is 16 and has had to have a brain scan”.

This story comes as Dublin Live report a separate attack in the Dublin area.

A dangerous teenage gang attacked a man, hitting him until he collapsed, when coming off a train in Dublin.

The victim told Dublin Live that he was attacked and punched right in the nose by the group in north Dublin before being attacked further.

He said that the teens had been trying to get his attention by shouting and roaring at him. When the victim ignored them, the gang proceeded to assault him.

He told Dublin Live: “I was just getting off the train as normal heading home and these teenagers happened to be standing in front of the exit way to the stairs.

He continued: “They continued to follow me home until I collapsed on the ground with blood dripping down my face.

“My face was red, eye was swollen, nose was crooked and had bruises on the side of my head and ear”.