Gardaí Gain Power To Seize Scramblers & Quads

Quad bike and Scrambler Bike

Gardaí now have legislative powers to help tackle the anti-social use of scrambler bikes, quad bikes, and similar off-road machines in spaces such as public parks.

Use of a MVP will be prohibited on public or private land, except in cases where there is permission from the landowner, following cabinet approval for the measure today.

Thw new offence will cover places such as parks, green areas, waste ground, beaches and others, while the use of vehicles on private lands like farms will not be affected.

Gardaí will be able to detain a vehicle used in a location where permission from the landowner has not been received.

Gardaí will also be enabled, on foot of a warrant, to enter a private premises and remove a vehicle suspected of having been used contrary to the new offence.

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan said: “I am determined to stop the misuse of quads, scramblers and similar vehicles, by making it an offence to use them in areas such as waste ground, parks and other places which were not covered by road traffic legislation up to now.”

He said the government’s amendments, promised in the Programme for Government, will “hopefully reduce the risks of death and serious injury”.