Gardaí Warn Of Rise Of Credit Card Related Fraud In Dublin


Gardaí are warning businesses in north county Dublin to be vigilant after a recent increase in credit card related fraud.

Gardaí said there were five incidents reported in Balbriggan over that last few days. A statement from officials read:

“These incidents involve customers using cards with either just credit card details and no card present, or a card has been present but has passed its expiry date.”

The statement also warned that “in some cases, these individuals are using these cards for cashback.” Gardaí urged retailers and their staff need to be more alert.

“As the busy shopping period approaches Gardaí would advise retailers to be extra vigilant with regard to suspicious credit card use, particularly if an individual attempt to use a number of failing cards or card details one after another for cash back,” the statement added.

“Gardaí are currently examining CCTV in relation to these incidents.” Investigations are continuing.