Garth Brooks May Move Gigs To Aviva If 5 Croker Nights Falls Through


Garth Brooks may be willing to move some of his gigs to the Aviva if his request to have five live shows at Croke Park is turned down.

The country singer is already pencilled in to perform in Croke Park for September 9, 10 and 11 in 2022. Applications have already been lodged to get two extra dates added to this.

“A big story for Garth”

Sources close to the Friends In Low Places singer have also said that Brooks will only perform in Dublin, if he can do so for five nights.

This also comes after a meeting was held last week outside Croke Park to discuss the number of gigs taking place in the capital. This was held between local residents, stadium managment and Aiken Promotions.

The source had this to say. “It becomes a big story for Garth if he gets the five nights at Croke Park he was denied before. Three nights won’t be enough”. 

They also added, “He wants his full five shows at least if he is ever to return to Ireland”.

“But Garth could do three nights in Croke Park then another three concerts in the Aviva Stadium”.

He could do what Ed Sheeran did in 2018 and add in even more concerts around the regions”.

“Sticklers for the rules”

Described as being “sticklers for the rules”, Dublin City Council could refuse to grant Brooks these five gigs, just like they did seven years ago.

As it stands under restrictions, only three gigs can take place in Croke Park in a calender year between January and February.

As there has not been a live show in Croke Park since July 2019, Aiken Promotions have been hoping that this would allow them room to negotiate for more gigs in 2022.

Research has also shown that each Brooks gig could possibly generate €24million to the local economy. Another study also showed that one concert ticket sold for a Brooks concert would provide €300 spent in the local area.

The source said, “Dublin City Council are sticklers for rules”. 

They continued, “They remained steadfast before, and there’s no reason to think they’ll cave in to Garth this time”.

“DCC are more into bicycles than heavy lorries so it doesn’t take much imagination to get their view on a fleet of heavy artics rolling in and out of Croke Park for an unprecedented numbers of concerts”.