Garth Brooks On Dublin Charm Offensive Says Five Gigs Is ‘Impossible’

Garth Brooks - Facebook

Garth Brooks says he’d love to play five concerts at Croke Park. However the Oklohoman reckons it would be nigh on impossible, as he addressed media assembled at Croke park on Monday.

Brooks said: “I’d love to do five, but I’d love to be six foot five.

Who does numbers like that? It’s impossible, there’s no way.

I wanted the chance for all five shows to go ahead (in 2014).”

The country music star is to play two gigs at the GAA stadium have been confirmed for next September 9th and 10th.

Brooks will play at GAA HQ all of eight years after cancelling all five of his Irish dates.

Over 400,000 tickets were sold for the gigs, but locals in the stadium vicinity objected strongly. Brooks in a strop than pulled the plug provoking mass hysteria.

The singer has described the cancellation of five gigs at Croker in 2014 as like a death in the family.

It’s the greatest privilege and the greatest joy an artist can have to play Ireland – it’s the greatest heartache to be told you can’t.”

Brooks confessed ”It hurt, hurt, hurt, “It’s still very fresh, it’s something I never experienced.”

Garth was on a charm offensive and admitted that there’s only one word he can use to explain what the people in Ireland are like.

There’s one word, sincerity,” he said.

There’s something that goes on here that I can’t explain. It’s wonderful.

The faces out in the street, it’s the sincerity that I can’t explain.”

He added: “I’ve been around the world and there’s no place like this.

Ireland, it’s the people who make this country“.

He was on fire today gifting promoters with all the right words. “Anybody who gets to play in front of an Irish crowd is the greatest gift you can get.

My love for Croke Park is my idea of heaven.

Once we’re here, I think it opens up pretty cool things.

It’s all about having fun.”