Gasman Called To Dublin Apartment After Boyfriend’s Fart Sets Off Alarm!


A woman from Dublin revealed how her boyfriend’s fart triggered a CO2 alarm on Monday just gone.

According to the Mirror, Gas Networks Ireland were called out to an apartment in Dublin to investigate a suspicious carbon monoxide incident.

An obviously quite embarrassed, Ziz O’Beirne told her Twitter friends about the incident. According to Dublin Live Ms O’Beirne said to her friends on social media:  “Hi my boyfriend set off our Co2 alarm after a fart.”

She continued: “Now we have a man dressed as a ghostbuster from Gas Networks Ireland roaming around our apartment at 7AM on a Bank Holiday Monday.

“Is this what happens when you live with a boy? Help pls.”

She concluded in her fella’s defence: “Just to confirm, I have no accurate way of showing that his fart literally set off the alarm. It’s just a ridiculously close coincidence that they both followed one another.”

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