George Harrison’s Dhani Talks About New Beatles Documentary


Dhani Harrison son of Beatles legend George Harrison has been talking about the new documentary: The Beatles: Get Back.

Directed by Peter Jackson, this documentary will be presented as three separate episodes, at two hours each. They will also run for three days over November 2021. They will run over the 25,26 and 27 November exclusively on Disney+.

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“I’m very grateful to The Beatles, Apple Corps and Disney for allowing me to present this story in exactly the way it should be told”, Jackson had said previously.

He also added, “I’ve been immersed in this project for nearly three years. I’m very excited that audiences around the world will finally be able to see it”.

“All just beautiful”

And now, George Harrison’s son Dhani has had his say on the documentary.

“I had one night viewing”, Dhani said. “He (Peter Jackson) basically made a reel for me with all of my dad’s footage and I could see if there was anything I didn’t want in, anything I thought was bad or not tasteful, and it was all just beautiful”.

“He was very complimentary about my dad’s behavior in all of the reels”. 

Dhani continued, “I got to see the moment when my dad played them ‘All Things Must Pass’ and they were kind of like, ‘meh.’ They’re playing along with it, but it’s a swing and a miss”. 

“All Things Must Pass”

“All Things Must Pass” was George Harrison’s solo album from 1971 and his third since the Beatle’s split. Dhani Harrison also spoke about former Beatle John Lennon’s past criticisms of the record.

To mark 50 years since its release, a reissue of the album was recently announced. The album was also remixed from the orginal tapes, with Dhani Harrison serving as executive producer for the record.

What did John Lennon say about Harrison solo album?

Speaking of the album back in 1970 John Lennon to Rolling Stone, “I don’t know… I think it’s all right, you know. Personally, at home, I wouldn’t play that kind of music, I don’t want to hurt George’s feelings, I don’t know what to say about it”. 

However, in a new interview with Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music Hits, Dhani Harrison said, “I remember Lennon coming to the studio during the recording sessions quite friendly and being played it, and he was visibly blown away”. 

He continued, “Yeah, I mean, how could you not be, especially for The Beatles, I think, to be like… There might’ve been an oops moment. Like, ‘Oops. S**t. Maybe that song was good”. 

“But I think they were all just very happy for each other. How could you not be happy if you had a bandmate who left your band and then went and did that? How could you not be happy for them?”. 

When asked if other Beatles Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney had spoken about the record, Dhani Harrison also said, “I’ve never really talked to Paul or Ringo about ‘All Things Must Pass’. It’s one of those things that’s still mysterious to everyone, and that’s kind of why we waited a little bit longer to bring it out”. 

“Because we want people to start healing. And just the very nature of the term, all things must pass, some people say this too shall pass, but all things must pass is Lao Tzu [ancient Chinese philosopher and writer]. It’s, again, very pertinent right now”.