Boy George Thinks There Is A Loss Of Respect For The Artistry Of Songwriting


Karma Chameleon singer, Boy George has said he believes there has been “a loss of respect for the artistry of songwriting”. George, who is 60 next month, has vowed to take a “kamikaze” approach to his own new album, which releases this Friday.

I think there’s been this loss of respect for the artistry of songwriting,” said George. “People think that all it takes is a laptop and some leads. It really doesn’t. This year, I’ve been reacquainting myself with the art of songwriting – copying lots of things, allowing myself to be influenced.

Speaking to reporters before the BRIT Awards and Coldpay’s opener, George revealed he has been working tirelessly to release 60 records for his birthday. The Culture Club frontman said he is “just going completely kamikaze. F*** the rules. Don’t tell me what to do anymore”.

I’ve never had this much time to indulge with what I’m doing musically,” revealed George. I make art as well, and I’ve just had a good time being still for a bit and going, ‘Actually, why do I what I do?’ It’s been an interesting year for me because I finally understand why I do what I do now. I’m at a point where I really don’t want anyone else’s advice. I’m 60 in two months – 60 and defiant.”

George added that “everything inspires him”, and that through experience he has learned not to overthink his process too much.

In the last 10 years I’ve really learned to get out of my way creatively, because I used to go to those terrible songwriting sessions and sit bumcheeks clenched as I tried to write a song,” George continued. “Now I just write what I feel. Once you’ve worked out what you want to say then you’ll find a way of saying it”.

Although he can “have a lot of appreciation” for “clever pop writing”, George said he can always tell when it happens, and labelled it “very lazy”. “You wouldn’t go into a football ground, take someone from the stands and let them take a penalty, would you?

However, George said he saw through the new tricks of the trade, or shortcuts, on offer to many artists. The singer said in this industry, things get in the way of an artist when they are just getting interesting. However, George said it is “a great place to be [when] you start realising that you’ve been conned for 30 years”.