German World Cup Hero Andy Brehme Gives Eyeful Of Wife In Undress In Fan Video Message

Germany - Andy Brehme - WC1990 - Rome - gettyimages-1094064446-612x612

German world cup winning legend Andreas Brehme has proudly it seems, revealed his almost nude wife during an online appearance.

The all-action Andy Brehme scored the winning penalty to help the then West Germany win the FIFA World Cup in 1990 in a 1-0 victory over Diego Maradona’s Argentina that year.

However, the former Bayern Munich star casually revealed his wife in the near-altogether while recording a personalised birthday message video for a fan.

Brehme wished the fan well before he was interrupted by a noise coming from his right-hand side.

Confused by what was happening, the former star turned the camera around and as a result, he ended up accidentally recording his topless wife, Susanne Schaeder.

Brehme inadvertently sent the clip to the fan. The video has now gone viral online. However he AND his wife are completely unmoved by what happened.

Reacting to German tabloid Bild, Brehme revealed the pride and love he has for his wife and how the world got to see what he sees every day. He appeared nonplussed despite all the fuss elsewhere

We only realised it when more and more friends called. I have no idea why this is coming up now. Someone must have posted it. I didn’t even realise that I had sent it at the time. Now the whole world knows what a great wife I have! Shouldn’t have happened, but I can laugh at myself. In future, I’d better let Susanne film.”

Brehme’s wife Susanne also saw the funny side of the incident as she said:

That was last summer on vacation at Lake Garda. But what’s up? So you can see me changing on the beach. Or in the sauna. We laugh about it, and I tease Andy, my social media expert.”