Glastonbury Granted Licence For Limited “Equinox” September Concert


Glastonbury have been granted a licence to host a live music event with an audience this year. This could pave the way for a potential limited concert in September. The event will be called “Equinox”.

Their usual Worthy Farm event was cancelled in January due to the pandemic. Following that, Glastonbury submitted an application for a premises licence to Mendip District Council to host two days of festivals in 2021. 

It has now been reported that the Licencing sub committee have granted approval for a licence. It does contain over 50 conditions that it must adhere to however.

These conditions include no camping, a maximum capacity of 49,999 people which includes crew, performers and staff. All live music shows must take place on the Pyramid Stage only. This event cannot take place withing 30 days of the Piliton Party.

Much more approval and planning will be needed in the upcoming months.

“A decent balance”

“Whenever a licence application is considered, Mendip rightly assesses the impact of an event on local people and seeks to find a decent balance”, said councillor Sam Phripp. Phripp is also also chair of the licencing council.

“With regard to Glastonbury Festival Events Limited holding a concert in September. We’ve heard concerns from residents, and those concerns are reflected in more than 50 conditions that have been added to this licence”, Phripp continued.

“We believe they’re sensible measures, and match the perceived risk of the event”.

“With a view to COVID-19, of course, any event would have to be COVID-safE. Mendip will work with other organisations and the organisers to make sure that’s the case”, he also added.

Phripp is also hopeful that, “COVID-depending, this event will be a success, and we look forward to welcoming music lovers back to our corner of Somerset this autumn”.

“the annual thank you”

Glastonbury organiser, Emily Eavis said that this “Equinox” event will be a “a larger version of the Pilton Party” – the annual ‘thank you’ fundraising gig for villagers, workers and local people”.

“We do that every September, but it will just be bigger and the public can come down”, she also added.“We’ll call it Equinox if we do it. We’ve got a licence hearing and we’re working with the authorities to see what we can do, but it’s just one step at a time, really”.  

Eavis also recently confirmed that Coldplay and others will perform a special live streamed event from Worthy Farm on May 22. Other artists include Damon Albarn and HAIM. See that and more here.