Good News As Forecast Predicts Temperatures To Hit 22c Next Week!


Good news on the weather front!

If yesterday’s gloomy conditions put you in a bad mood – you can start smiling again today.

Met Eireann’s says the national weather forecast for the next week shows the warm weather isn’t going anywhere.

Next week will continue to be warm and humid with temperatures exceeding 20C all over the country.

However, it wouldn’t be our grand little island without a bit of rainy misery to keep us in check.

There will be outbreaks of rain and thundery conditions but sunny weather will be in the majority.

Today, Sunday will be largely dry apart from a few patches of mist or drizzle. There will be varying amounts of cloud with the best of the sunshine expected in Ulster and north Leinster.

Maximum temperatures ranging betwen 17 and 21 degrees. Woot!