Green Day Deliver Expletive-Ridden NHL All-Star Game Performance


The annual 2020 NHL All-Star Game got off to a good start but no one could have imagined that Green Day would be responsible for things going awry.

According to Spin, the band recently announced that they would be starting a multi-year partnership with the hockey league, so it was no surprise when they appeared at the event.

However when Green Day took to the stage during the second intermission to perform a medley of their songs “Basket Case” and “American Idiot,”  frontman Billie Joe Armstrong added a few curse words to the otherwise fairly tame songs.


“Get your f*cking hands up in the air,” Armstrong shouted out during “Basket Case,” followed by more f-words when he chatted with the crowd.

The bad language was apparently censored on U.S. broadcasts, but Canadian viewers were able to watch the unedited version.

After the performance, the band addressed the situation on Twitter, which made them a trending topic immediately. “Anyone know why we’re trending?” they wrote. “We’ve been busy having a blast w the @NHL in St. Louis all night. Later, drummer Tre Cool added: “F*ckin cool f*ckin night in St. F*ckin Louis!!” Pretty punk rock!

Watch censored video footage of the incident below.