Green Party’s Catherine Martin Eyes Up New Era In Irish Politics

Green Party T.D.and the Minister for Arts, Culture, Gaeltacht and Media Catherine Martin

The Green Party Deputy leader has called on her party to vote to go into government.

Catherine Martin also said there should be a review of the government’s progress every two months, with a potential re-negotiation of the programme for government two years in

The Green Party teleconference gave way to Deputy leader Catherine Martin strongly supporting the programme for government.

”There is of course an easier place to be. Opposition is a safer option, but the extent of the wins achieved in the negotiations makes it the wrong place to be at this crucial and pressing time for Ireland and the planet.”

All the negotiating team said they didn’t get everything they wanted, with most backing the agreement. The lone dissenter in the first session was Neasa Hourigan.

She said they didn’t get support for the Occupied Territories Bill, and couldn’t promise they would back it if at cabinet.

”If there’s a vote like that. We will be whipped as a government group and I can’t tell any of out members how to vote if that comes up.”