Gunners Legend Ian Wright ‘Shook Up’ But Forgives Racist Kerry Idiot


A teenager from Co. Kerry will be sentenced next year for the harassment of Ian Wright.

18-year-old Patrick O’Brien of Sycamore Court, Ashleigh Downs, Tralee pleaded guilty to two charges, arising from the harassment of the former Arsenal player on the 11th May.

Tralee District Court heard details of the messages sent to Mr Wright, which were described as “crass, racist and threatening.

The vile messages contained the N-word and other racist names. Much of what was written is too sick to be reprinted here.

Two victim impact statements by Mr Wright were also read to the court, which outlined the shock and disappointment felt by the former England player.

Mr Wright, who often works for various media outlets as a football analyst these days expressed how he was emotional and shook up by the intensity of the attacks: “I experienced racism years ago, but I am in complete shock to experience it now.”

In a second statement he addressed Patrick O’Brien directly, saying he hoped he or those who taught him or “enabled this hate” would learn from this and change for the future.

Patrick, I forgive you. I believe in redemption for everyone,” Mr Wright said in his statement.

Judge David Waters remanded Patrick O’Brien on continuing bail and ordered a probation report to be compiled, ahead of his sentencing on January 27th.