Guns N’ Roses Detained At Canadian Border


Guns N’ Roses were recently detained at the Canadian border for having a gun in their possession. Ahead of their show in Toronto, the band were detained at the Canadian border.

During the band’s show in Toronto, Axl Rose told the crowd the story of what happened. They were playing ‘Out Ta Get Me’ when Rose addressed the audience.

Rose told them “You did what? ‘Oh, yeah, we found a gun.’ So we weren’t exactly arrested, we were detained. They were very nice – they were very understanding.” adding that “You know, it happens. You can forget you had a fucking gun. Wasn’t my gun.”

Since the incident, a representative for Guns N’ Roses has said that the gun didn’t belong to any member of the band. They also confirmed when it took place saying “Yes, this indeed happened on Friday, July 15, as they were crossing the border coming from the Philadelphia tour stop on the 14th.”

The band recently announced that they will be extending their tour to Latin America. They will be playing more shows throughout October and November. You can check out the video of Axl Rose telling the crowd about Guns N’ Roses being detained down below.


Photo Credit: Laura Cox