Guy Garvey From Elbow Releases New Single


Elbow frontman Guy Garvey recently announced that he will be embarking on a solo career. Garvey has now released a new single giving us a taste of what to expect from him.

Guy Garvey announced that he will be releasing his first solo album titled ‘Courting The Squall’ next month on October 30th. This comes after Elbow recently released the ‘Lost Worker Bee’ EP back in July.

The new single ‘Angela’s Eyes’ also got an official video release. Speaking about the new album recently, Garvey said that it won’t be like what he has done in the past with Elbow.

A press release for the new video said “It was filmed at The Carlton Club in Whalley Range, Manchester by long-time visual collaborators Soup Collective, the short sees Guy and band the focus of the attentions of a crowd of lascivious women and was inspired by a documentary on London’s ’60s strip clubs.”

“Public morality laws at the time banned naked women from moving so a man was employed to operate a curtain which rose and fell to allow the performers to change their pose”, adding that in “Guy Garvey’s version the genders reverse and a crowd of invited friends and family of Guy and the band play their roles to the full.”


Photo Credit: Ben Houdijk