Harry Street Party #2 For Phil??


We partied when he arrived nearly a decade ago, now Thin Lizzy fans are planning a second street party in Dublin to mark the return of Phil Lynott’s statue to Harry Street next month.

Ken Sweeney writes in the Herald today…

A mystery donor paid the €4,000 to repair the landmark likeness – which was knocked from its plinth on May 10.

Fans want to welcome it back with a ceremony similar to that at the original unveiling, which was attended by former members of Thin Lizzy and Lynott’s two surviving daughters, Sarah and Cathleen.

“I’ve been getting calls from fans all over the world telling me they are coming to Dublin to see Phil go back up.

“I’m hoping there will be a few Thin Lizzy songs played and a lot of Thin Lizzy fans to see my boy back in town,” mum Philomena Lynott told the Herald.

Sources say the statue, which was repaired by Leo Higgins of Cast Foundry, will have a reinforced base to make it more secure on its plinth.

“It wasn’t possible to give the plinth a deep foundation when it was secured in 2005 because of underground electricity and gas lines.

“But this time around, the base of the statue will be fixed into the ground with steel dowels, so there won’t be any danger of Phil being toppled,” said a source.

Engineers from Dublin City Council have come up with the dowels to secure the statue, which fans come from all over the world to have their photographs taken with.

Commissioned by the Roisin Dubh Trust, which commemorates the life and music of Phil Lynott, the statue was unveiled by Philomena Lynott and the then Lord Mayor of Dublin, Catherine Byrne, in 2005 in front of hundreds of Thin Lizzy fans.

The statue by Paul Daly sustained two serious cracks when it was knocked from its plinth in the early morning of May 10.

The following day, two men in their 20s were arrested by gardai after they presented themselves at Pearse Street Garda Station.