“He Didn’t Have Front Teeth” Simmons Recalls First Meeting Angus Young


KISS’s Gene Simmons recently recalled the first time he met AC/DC’s Angus Young before the two bands toured together in the late 1970s. KISS enlisted AC/DC as their support act in 1978 and 79.

Recalling their meeting backstage, Simmons told Austrailia’s Triple M, “I’ll never forget it he (Angus Young) didn’t have front teeth. I guess at that point they couldn’t afford it”.

“I saw them playing this really small club in L.A. I happened to be there, and all I remember is being so close to the stage”, Simmons continued.

“There’s Angus just running around on stage, not posing, just kind of feeling it, like somebody in a trance or something”, he added. “I said, ‘That guy is rock and roll, that guy is real”.

“Angus asked for a frankfurter” – Simmons

Following this meeting, Simmons and Young went to a diner together.

“I’ll never forget it, Angus asked for a frankfurter, instead of a hot dog, and beets”, Simmons revealed.

“Angus picked up the hot dog without the bun and started biting into it on the sides of his mouth because the two front teeth were missing”. 

Simmons also remembered telling Angus Young that he knew from their performance on stage together, that he wanted AC/DC to join KISS on future tours.

“And I said to him – I can still remember most of the conversation – ‘You guys are great. I’m gonna make some calls. You’re going out on tour with us”, Simmons said.

Meanwhile, KISS are to be the subject of a documentary to be released on Netflix soon. It is called “Shout It Out Loud”. It is to particularly focus on the formative years of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Check out Nova’s report here to find out more.

Angus Young’s AC/DC bandmate and frontman Brian Johnson also teamed up with Foo Fighters to perform AC/DC track “Back In Black” in front of 27,000 non-socially distant attendees at a Vax Live gig, encouraging people to take the Covid vaccince when offered.

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