Head Of UFC Slams Conor McGregor For Alleged Assault

Conor McGregor

The head of the UFC says Conor McGregor should know better after allegedly punching a man in a Dublin pub.

It’s expected that the MMA fighter will be charged with assault after CCTV footage of the alleged incident that occurred in April was published online yesterday.

Gardaí say investigations are ongoing and that no arrests have been made yet.


UFC President Dana White says people are only talking about it because it’s Conor McGregor:

“Let me tell you what..you’re talking about a pub in Ireland – how many guys get punched in the face every day in a pub in Ireland?
er yeah a lot – the only reason you’re talking about it right now is because it’s Conor – when you’re not regular guy..and you’re a high profile guy and you’re a professional fighter? You can’t do it!”