Health Minister To Come Down On Cosmetics Industry

Health Minister To Come Down On Cosmetics Industry

The Health Minister is looking at new ways to tackle Ireland’s ‘botox boom’.

According to reports, Simon Harris is considering banning botox and cosmetic fillers for people under the age of 18.

According to a recent study by Therapie Clinic, 68% of Irish people said that they already have or would consider getting a cosmetic procedure.

Health Minister Simon Harris is now expressing concern after doctors recently warned about the increase in patients presenting in hospitals after botched procedures.

There are also concerns around filling materials as it is not categorised as a medical drug rather than a medical device.

According to reports, Minister Harris has asked his Department of Health Officials to see if there’s a need to further regulate the industry and whether a minimum age should be introduced.

Minister Harris said that this cannot be an area that goes ‘unregulated or unsupervised’.