Healy-Rae’s Mark Dáil Return With Another Kildare Street Ceilí

Independent Kerry TD Danny Healy Rae and his daughter Maura.

Recently returned successfully as Independent TDs for Kerry, brother Michael and Danny Healy-Rae brought back the box, not the ballot box, but the squeeze box to the back of Buswells as politicans began the lengthy process of creating a new government.

Following the election, the TDs of the 33rd Dáil arrived at Leinster House today.

Michael and Danny – joined by family members Johnny, Elaine and Maura – entertained the new TDs, passing public and huddled media with a trad session before entering government buildings.

The family, lead by Danny Healy Rae on the accordion, performed a pre-Dail concert in the capital this morning.

The Kerry politicians sang the Rose of Tralee along with two accordions, bag pipes and a tin whistle.

They also performed a number of jigs and reels on Dublin’s Kildare Street. The 33rd Dail meets today for the first time and 48 new TDs are set to take their seats.

The vote to elect a Taoiseach, however, will fail with no clear majority following the election no one is likely to be successful.