HEAR: How Shane MacGowan Movie Was Made

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Crock of Gold A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan is finally now showing in Irish cinemas!

If you havent seen whats it’s all about you can watch the trailer here and to find out why it’s sub-titled you can read all about that here. 

Produced by Johnny Depp, Crock of Gold is an incredible cinematic exploration of Shane’s story and details his explosive existence, from his salad days, growing up in Ireland, to time spent on the mean streets of London and embracing the punk scene. To forming the Pogues and the conquering the known universe, we discover MacGowan’s passions, his humor & deep knowledge of music, history, spirituality & popular culture.

Made by renowned filmmaker Julien Temple and featuring an all star line up and cast of close of friends and family members, Crock of Gold takes a look at the world through the eyes of Ireland’s greatest punk poet.

Among the revelations from the man himself, he discusses how he wanted to join the IRA before “compromising” and founding the Pogues. Read more about that here.

I spoke with Julien Temple about the unique and suprising way he used archival footage, live concert footage and interviews with MacGowan, his family and friends to put together the rollercoaster of a ride that is Crock of Gold. 

“Irascible, intractable, infuriating, fascinating, appalling, galling, bellicose, comatose, cantankerous, cadaverous, impossible, unstoppable – filming Shane is like flying through a radioactive rainbow but in the end there is an inner ‘Crock of Gold’ waiting to be discovered by those who try hard enough. Hence the title of the film, taken from the old Irish legend of the same name. It’s not the easiest thing to make a film about Shane MacGowan. The nearest thing I can think of is one of those David Attenborough films. You set the camera traps. You wait and you wait, in the hope that one day the snow leopard will trigger them. Then when you do actually capture the unique force of Shane’s personality, even for a moment on screen, you realise it was all worthwhile,” says Julien

In my opinion this is everything a rock-documentary should be and I give it ★★★★★