The Heatwave Is Official… But Extra Pressure On Water And Fire Services


Temperatures are expected to reach 30 or 31 degrees in many areas today, with a chance decades old records could be broken.

It means that people could be facing water outages and restrictions as the demand in Dublin is now more than can be supplied.

There’s also increasing pressure on Fire Services as they tackle blazes across the country.



Inland and western counties are expected to experience the best of the weather today, with possible top temperatures of 31 degrees.

But as the country basks in the heat and looks for ways to cool off there’s more demand than ever on our water supply.

Demand Dublin is now at 615 million litres but the maximum that can be produced is 610.

Around 10,000 people across the country are currently living with water restrictions, but Irish Water’s says there could be further restrictions, or even outages.

The heat’s also meant that thousands of acres have been damaged by fires.

Since Monday there have been four forest fires, 44 gorse fires, 147 grass fires in Dublin and the surrounding counties.


People are being asked to continue to conserve water and to take extra care when they’re outdoors not to start a fire.