Historic Agreement At COP Summit

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks during the Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Implementation Summit (SCIS) of the UNFCCC COP27 climate conference (Photo: Getty Images)

Poorer countries most affected by climate change, will be compensated – after an historic agreement at the Cop summit in Egypt.

Even getting the so-called ‘loss and damage’ fund on the agenda for discussion was considered a breakthrough.

Trocaire’s Head of Policy, Siobhan Curran is recently returned home from the summit.

She says it’s a key deal and long overdue:

“We went from the start of COP – from not having loss and damage on the agenda – to having an agreement for having a fund in place. It really is a great result. I suppose, the rich countries have been holding out on this key demand to support countries who have contributed least to the climate change but have been most impacted. Finally, after years of delay we are seeing some commitment by richer countries to pay our ecological debt.”