Homelessness Now Just Shy Of 12,000 New Figures Show

Dublin Homelessness

The number of homeless people living in emergency accommodation has increased to 11,988 as per the latest figures from the Department of Housing.

8,516 adults and 3,472 children were in emergency accommodation last month, such as hostels, family hubs, hotel rooms or B&B’s.

That is 246 people more that was recorded as homeless by local authorities the previous month.

11,742 people were recorded as homeless in February, which included 3,373 children.

The numbers sleeping in emergency accommodation in Dublin was 8,588.

There were also more than 80 people recorded as sleeping rough in March, according to the Dublin Region Homeless Executive last week.

The Government decided against extending an eviction ban last month, which meant evictions resumed on a staggered basis from April 1st.

Homeless charities warn emergency accommodation is full, leaving the system unable to cope with increasing families presenting as homeless.

The figures do not include the more than 500 asylum seekers the State has been unable to accommodate, many are sleeping rough.