Horrors Of Tuam Mother & Baby Home To Excavated And Revealed After Bill Signed Off

Mother and baby Homes - Tuam memorial Co. Galway

The excavation of the former Mother and Baby home in Tuam, Co. Galway, will now take place as a bill allowing it has been signed into law by the President.

Michael D. Higgins signed the Institutional Burials Bill 2022 this morning, which allows the children’s remains found at the site to be recovered, analysed and finally given a formal burial.

The legislation is finally being enacted five years after test excavations were carried out in November 2016.

The Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes was set up following claims that 796 babies were interred in an unmarked mass grave at the former institution in Tuam.

They were undertaken following extensive research by local historian Catherine Corless, which led to the discovery of the remains in the unmarked graves.