House Prices Increase Nationwide For First Three Months Of 2018


Irish house prices are continuing to rise across the country.

There’s been a 2.5% rise nationally in the first three months of 2018 while the cost of a home in Dublin has gone up by 2.3%.

Prices in Cork city have increased by 1.7%, while they’re up 3.1% in Galway and 3.7% in Limerick City year-on-year. Report author Ronan Lyons says there isn’t enough supply in the market nationwide:

“Effectively the picture of the market of the moment is one of pretty strong demand across the country but pretty weak supply, with an obvious consequence of that the increasing on pressure. if you look at what’s available on the market – the total number of properties available on the market is about 20 thousand- that’s down from about 25,000 five years ago.”