Metal Guitarist Shreds To The Ungodly Roars Of A Howler Monkey


A breed of primate known as the howler monkey is known for causing a bit of a racket in the wild. Considered to be one of the loudest animals on Earth, the howler monkey has a high-pitched roar that can travel 5 km through dense rain forest.

However, one would wonder the level of decibels it could produce down a microphone, and then maybe wonder again what said decibels would sound like mixed with some heavy metal! Well, someone did wonder as axe-slinging maverick, Andre Antunes has uploaded a new video, revealing the previously untapped potential of howler monkeys.



The YouTuber has shared a short track of himself shredding some incredible riffs alongside roars from the primate. The howler monkey’s incredible larynx fits perfectly to the genre, reminding fans of the demonic bellows of Cannibal Corpse’s lead vocalist, George Fisher.

Antunes shows off some pretty formidable guitar skills with sweet licks, as he provides monstrously, weighty riffs against the ungodly calls of the deafening primate. The video gives metal fans a taste of what’s to come when the primates eventually take over the planet, enslaving the human race. The unlikely combination of Antunes and the howler monkey gifts metal lovers a slice of some seriously tasty death metal.