Hozier Performs ‘Take Me To Church’ On Amazon’s Front Row


Irish singer-songwriter Hozier performed a stunning live version of his smash hit ‘Take Me To Church’ on Amazon’s ‘Front Row’.

‘Front Row’ is a feature from Amazon music. You can watch exclusive videos of live performances and interviews with many of the world’s biggest stars.

Artists to play on ‘Front Row’ include Damien Rice, Eric Clapton, Counting Crows, Cage The Elephant and AC/DC.

Hozier’s worldwide anthem ‘Take Me To Church’ has remained on Spotify’s ‘viral chart’ every week so far this year. The streaming giants awarded Bray’s answer to Jeff Buckley their ‘Spotlight Breakout Star of 2014′.

The single has taken America by storm after it was used in a Nike ad featuring basketball star Lebron James.

It has gained non-stop momentum since its release. The track has been download 16 million times on iTunes, streamed 10 million times a week and the Bray native is number 1 on Spotify.

The song has been adopted by anti-discrimination groups across the world. His self-titled debut album was released in September, and beat U2′s LP Songs Of Innocence to the number 1 spot in Ireland. Hozier has also gone platinum in America and Canada.

Watch Hozier’s performance of ‘Take Me To Church’ on Amazon’s ‘Front Row here.