HSE Chief Keen to Ensure Responsible Messaging over Anti-Vaxxer Nutjobs

HSE CEO Paul Reid

The head of the HSE says they want to stay “well ahead” of anti-vaccination campaigns when a Covid 19 jab becomes available.

The government’s taskforce is due to complete its report by tomorrow on how a potential vaccine would be rolled out.

The HSE is due to meet with Twitter tomorrow to discuss the role of social media companies in tackling vaccine-related fake news.

Speaking at the HSE’s weekly briefing today, CEO Paul Reid said one of the work streams of the taskforce has been the whole area of communications.

The CEO says they want to do all they can to ensure people are getting accurate information:

From out perspective you know, anti-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers campaigns, we want to stay well ahead of that and get the clear precise information out.”

“That will involve strategic communication up to and before the vaccination programme and when the vaccination programme commences, and obviously in the operation and implementation of it.”