HSE In Talks With Hotels To Secure More Beds Over Virus Outbreak


The HSE has confirmed it’s in talks with hotels to identify additional beds to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

The HSE wouldn’t be drawn on how many beds it’s hoping to secure in preparation for widespread community transmission.

But CEO Paul Reid has confirmed that they are in talks with hotels that could be used as isolation units.

“We have had very significant offers from the hotel sector, and various organisations in that sector that can offer and that gives us great contingency.”

The HSE has written to all staff have retired in the last four years asking if they would be willing to come back at this critical time. Clinical Operations Officer Anne O’Conner says all staff who can be redeployed have been.

The HSE has also made an appeal to corporate employers to allow staff with children to work at home, so that if their spouses work in the health system, they can continue to go to work.