Human Remains Found Amid Search For Missing Sarah Everard

Sarah Everard

In the UK, human remains have been found in the search for missing Sarah Everard, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said.

The 33-year-old marketing executive was last seen walking from a friends house in Clapham to her home in Brixton on Wednesday March 3rd.

A week after Ms Everard’s disappearance, Commissioner Dick confirmed remains had been found in a woodland area in Ashford, Kent.

Police are unable to confirm the identity and this could take “some considerable time“, she said.

In a statement, Commissioner Dick said her thoughts were with the family and friends of Ms Everard, and that her disappearance in “awful and wicked circumstances” are every family’s nightmare.

Ms Dick added: “The news today that it was a Metropolitan Police officer who was arrested on suspicion of Sarah’s murder has sent shockwaves and anger through the public and through the Met.

I speak on behalf of all my colleagues when I say that we are utterly appalled at this dreadful, dreadful news.

Our job is to patrol the streets and to protect people.